The IM Academy Tools 

PipTalk:  Save time and money, that's the goal of this Our experts do the research and analysis, and you decide if you want to act on the information and trade ideas they provide

FRX academy & DCX academy: Gain education and master the skills necessary to trade in the foreign exchange market and cryptocurrency. These academies teach you how to compose and multiply your money from anywhere in the world. Head over to the IM Centre to access.

Go Live: Live sessions from 113+ top experts in the industry, with this service you can watch live seminars with 7 and 8 figure traders that teach you their strategies. Live chat box to ask them questions and interact with them. They will also suggest live callouts in the market.

Harmonic Scanner: A million-dollar algorithm designed to spit out tades using the harmonic trading method. Harmonic models in the forex market help you identify potential market reversals, giving you powerful insight and analysis of winning trade opportunities.

The GenXT Members Area

In this section, you  will be able to keep up to date with all the major live events happening throughout the world in the GenXT community.
A channel through telegram that gives you access to GenXT's own traders going live on the charts.
In this section, you will keep up to date with everything happening online within genxt: special trading trainings, opportunity calls, business trainings & beginner training. 
A series of recorded trainings to help you better understand the financial markets, and your financial future 





Downloadable files that you can use to see the most success within GenXT



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